So as of late I’ve been predictably busy. I’m working on refactoring one of my Unity plugins at the moment. Also I have begun a new game project with some weird guy I know. No, really Jon is okay he just has some strange ideas about games sometimes. Has anyone else heard of MASOCHISIA?

I’m working on a currently unnamed, new game project with Jon Oldblood.

New Game Project with Jon Oldblood

virtual reality made me sick once

It’s coming. And soon. No one can question that. No one would. But what I question is the direction. I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the future of virtual reality lately. I want to like it, and I do – in concept. What I realized after some thought is I now know the distinct and eventual height of virtual reality gaming.

Virtual Reality Is Our Dystopian Future?

Hi guys welcome to the new website!

New Website

It’s a new year – so, I’ve switched to a brand new domain with a new web host, all that jazz. It was fun to do the transitions myself. I’m done with it now. Mostly. Am honestly still breaking in the new website. Hoping to continue to do great things with the site.

Happy 2016! I Have A New Website

So I wanted to add something to the site… a new category: concept art. And to get us started I thought I’d go ahead and post one. Was a quick sketch I did while practicing my tablet skills. I still am kinda rusty…

New Category – Concept Art