you see my face, you think geek

Game Technology Geek

Hi, my name is Michael; I’m a geek with a website. I’m a video game developer, I make games. Sometimes I talk about games. Also I play games. You might say I breathe games, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. If, however, you are what you consume than I am games. My current primary interest is creating interactive stories in Unity3D. Right now, you’re probably thinking “geek” and you’re right. Absolutely. Don’t like it? There’s the Back button.

I remember the exact moment. I had saved up my money for weeks, and I had finally convinced my parents to take me to the store so I could look at the games. I spent a good while perusing my options before settling on niche-gem Bomberman for the NES. It was, for the time and now – a bug ridden game with a novel concept. Heck there was a bug where if you held down the B button (which incidentally planted bombs) you could sometimes (but not always) be rendered immune to bombs. Just by holding the input rather than press and release.

Anyway the point is that the day I purchased that game, Bomberman, something clicked. I had wanted to know how they were made. I even asked the lady selling the game at the store where games came from. I asked my parents. I asked family friends. I asked some people down the street. I asked everyone. I was seven, and before you go making any strong judgements of my character: you have to realize we are talking about the nineties here. The proverbial fan was still basically clean back then. We had a violent mathematician, a naughty football player, and the slow and generalized death of common sense, since.

That was twenty years ago, I’ve long since established the fundamentals of game design. I even went to college, which ended up being a huge waste of my time. I have shipped multiple titles on a several different platforms. I’ve failed, succeeded, and learned a number of valuable lessons. I have a number of plugins on the Unity Asset Store. And I’ve made more prototypes that I’ll never mention than I would ever care to admit.

What About Hobbies?

Now, before you go thinking “workhorse” I have hobbies too: I am obviously fond of video games, I’m terrible at Chess, I love painting my Warhammer miniatures. (Despite recent rule-set changes I still find that aspect of the hobby extremely rewarding.) I have also recently taken up learning Pool. Oh, and I used to play Dungeons and Dragons but that was before the move… and the movie for that matter. It was a flop of course.

I’m also quite fond of the arts. I enjoy digital painting, photography, and listening to weird music.

In Conclusion

So in short, as I pointed out at the start of this page, I am a geek with a website. Thanks for reading.