These are some of the tools, games, and projects I have worked on which I can talk about. Or will talk about.

Lost Legends

Look, I’ve been around a long time. My first official game was a DIKU derivative MUD called Lost Legends. I started it when I was nine. I operated it until I was 14, incidentally. There’s no picture because it was all text-based and driven off of a terminal back then. MUDs, for the uninitiated evolved into gigantic monolithic games like Everquest and World of Warcraft. I played several popular MUDs back when MUDs were in their heyday.  Now I see what modern MMO games have become and do genuinely wonder if they can’t do more.


AHH! Zombies! Run!

the first of my modern gamesThis was a fun little experiment in minimalism in games which I threw together in a week back in 2011. Basically it’s an auto-runner which features a number of neat toys like dynamic generation of obstacles and randomized pacing of spawns. It’s a very small game, one can get the scope of it in an afternoon – but that is because it’s clear to it’s purpose and doesn’t beat around the bush. The game is basically a trial in “how long will you last?”

It’s still available to play on Kongregate.


Tesla Breaks the World!

one of the hardest games I ever worked on

This is a strange little game. It was my first experience with Unity and it was far too bold. Unfunded, we spent several years on this project, and it was a bit of a passion binge for me. I really liked the concept and worked on everything from game design to technical documentation. I also set up a remote collaboration hub for the development of the game, which to my knowledge is still functional in some form to this day. It was cobbled together by a small group of starving artists, basically. It was my big release during the so called “Indiepocalypse.” Which is to say that it was very much a rushed game and a valuable learning experience. “Baby’s First Game” if you will. I wish updating it would have been possible but circumstance has forced me to move on.

The game itself is still available for purchase on Steam.



hardhat is what happens when games arent fundedIt’s a plugin for Unity that I made. It’s just a simple little thing, a 3D builder environment in which the geometry can collapse if the supports fail. All executing in real-time in Unity. I wanted to create a whole game around this kind of mechanic in multiplayer but the whole concept was so bombastic and out of control, rather than see the whole source go to waste I released it as a quickie Unity plugin. It was mostly an experiment to see what would happen – and I have sold a fair few copies of the source.

I want to get back in and develop the plugin more but I have been fairly busy lately and haven’t found the time. Still, it’s totally worth mentioning because I remember working on it made me feel like a million bucks.

You can try out the demo version here.


Games 4 Rent

I was supposed to make some kind of witty remark.