Below you will find some of my developer resources. These are for the most part files and tutorials related to various technologies which I am working with, or have worked with.

Admittedly, some of these are better maintained than others. Like I will admit that I haven’t touched the CryENGINE stuff in quite a while. Still, those are free.  Other resources are just tutorials, and others still are premium assets which I’d audaciously ask that you pay for. It’s not a very good source of income for me but it helps keep the lights on. Working with the Unity Asset Store is an interesting experience, and I have a couple of assets out there.

All of them are maintained by me, and if you have any questions I am certainly accessible. (There is a Support Forum for questions of that sort. You can also Contact Me directly if necessary. It’s not as if I am playing hard to get…)

Anyway, there are currently the following sections of resources:

Unity Resources

[RELEASE] Slog – Simple Log
[RELEASE] 2D Occluded Shader
[RELEASE] 2D Lit Shader
[RELEASE] UI Options Menu
[RELEASE] Advanced Movie Texture

CryENGINE Resources

[TUTORIAL] First Person Arms Rig
[TUTORIAL] Basic Artificial Intelligence
[TUTORIAL] Complete Weapon Tutorial
[TUTORIAL] Basic Multiplayer Functionality
[TUTORIAL] CryEngine 3 Localization Tutorial
[RELEASE] TestMenu