Slog – Simple Log

Simplify your life with easily managed log statements in Unity!


Slog IconSlog – Simple Logger is a simple,¬†efficient and lightweight script extension for the Unity Logger. The goal of the script is to allow the developer control over which behaviors can send log messages. Usage is so simple – you’ll wonder why this wasn’t built into Unity. You still call the same Log functions, you just call them differently.


You can find it on the Unity Asset Store.


  • Easy script-based access to Logger.
  • Per-behavior Log controls.
  • Thoroughly documented.
  • Designed with KISS principles.
  • Light-weight, portable and versatile code which ideal for use in multiple projects.
  • Written by a Gamer, for Gamers.


  1. Extend your behaviors from SlogBehaviour.
  2. Call inherited functions like Log() and LogWarningAlways().


public class SlogDemoBehaviour : SlogBehaviour {
  private void Start() {
    LogAlways( + "started. Because we are using the LogAlways channel, this comment will always be shown.");
  private void Update() {
    Log( + "has an annoying update comment that we probably only need some of the time.");


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API documentation


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