So What’s the Hold-up?

Tophat is Ambitious

And that’s kind of the problem. The scope of the project is pretty vast. Especially when I consider the kind of growth this sort of project is expected to go through. In short, the concept is a multiplayer first-person shooter being designed from the ground up to incorporate free-to-play elements. Obviously, the project calls for a commercial version of CryEngine.

Project Crippling troubles with CryEngine.


I know, a shock to me too. Believe me. Truthfully, I really like the engine. There’s just this fundamental problem, and it’s probably just me. I can’t seem to export animations from a first-person skeleton into the engine. Everything I’ve tried achieves nothing. It’s like a nightmare come true. Basically, I rig, I pose, I animate, and then when I go to Export – BLARGH, the program pukes up all over my screen and I have to crack out the Task Manager to finish the job.

CryTek Finally Updated!

Been a couple months. But they’ve come through… so to speak. CryTek just updated their engine earlier today. I’ve already begun working on migrating my information onto the new version. Seems to be the exporter doesn’t like the way I model now – although everything was fine before. It basically broke everything I’d been doing. I’ll get to the bottom of it.