Shiny and Brand Spanking New Site Logo

I’ve been wanting to update the site logo since like a day after I uploaded the last one. It was only ever meant to be temporary but I’ve been so busy lately I wasn’t able to commit time to updating it until just now. It’s not that I didn’t like the previous one, and in a lot of ways the new one is simply an adaptation of the old inkblot.

Happy 2016! I Have A New Website

Hi guys welcome to the new website!

New Website

It’s a new year – so, I’ve switched to a brand new domain with a new web host, all that jazz. It was fun to do the transitions myself. I’m done with it now. Mostly. Am honestly still breaking in the new website. Hoping to continue to do great things with the site.


So I’m always like “I’ve got big plans” and then those always fall through. And I thought I might do something a little bit different this time. The focus of this site remains Unity, and it’s future is certain. The chances are good however, that I will need to change webhosts and likely will lose the domain in the process. Not that it’s a domain that anyone else would want – but it has kind of been my little corner for the last several years.