So I’m always like “I’ve got big plans” and then those always fall through. And I thought I might do something a little bit different this time. The focus of this site remains Unity, and it’s future is certain. The chances are good however, that I will need to change webhosts and likely will lose the domain in the process. Not that it’s a domain that anyone else would want – but it has kind of been my little corner for the last several years. It’s a quiet corner.

In other discussion I am planning on increasing my support of my plugins hence. Specifically, I aim to create a series of short tutorial videos demonstrating the usage of my key plugins.

Also speaking of my plugins, I have cut back on the number of them. Which is to say that many of the old ones still exist, and I will continue to provide support for them. But for purposes of the future, I’ve narrowed my selection down to HardHat, Advanced MovieTexture, and NGUI Options Menu. Also I am looking at ways to port NGUI Options Menu to UGUI, but am not sure how that will be handled mechanically.

Also, if you see any exposed edges or problems with the website – it’s been under construction for the last couple of days. This is ongoing.

And finally, some good news – I managed to launch the ‘secret project’ game which I was unable to discuss. It’s out and done. I’m still not really willing to discuss it, however.