New Game Project with Jon Oldblood

So as of late I’ve been predictably busy. I’m working on refactoring one of my Unity plugins at the moment. Also I have begun a new game project with some weird guy I know. No, really Jon is okay he just has some strange ideas about games sometimes. Has anyone else heard of MASOCHISIA?

I’m working on a currently unnamed, new game project with Jon Oldblood. It’s really a neat idea and I’m thinking about a number of very cool ways I expand upon it. As of yet I haven’t done much with it. I mean I’m working on it every day now for a couple of weeks. The project scope is bigger than anything I’ve ever attempted though and this is set to be a very interesting and difficult project.

It’s a rather straightforward idea, which is nice for a change. Many of my more recent projects have been a little off the rails. Basically it’s a tower defense game but with a couple of neat twists.

I do enjoy the difficulty. That’s worth saying because if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t still be doing this to myself. Anyway, it’s been a big week and it’s not about to let up now. Soon I’ll be rebuilding my desk situation with a new desk and some slick new monitors. On top of that I need to finish up my revisions to the options menu plugin.

I’m also thinking I need to break myself back into the real world long enough to build myself a bed. It’s a huge project but my current sleeping situation is lacking, to say the least. It’s a beat up old mattress on a rickety old frame. It is high past time for a change.

Follow My New Game Project

You can follow our progress actively on TIGSource Forums. It’s a website where people talk about game things. This is the link here.