My Mesh

FP_RIG Part II – His Epidermis is Showing…

Now it’s time to build a mesh. I went simple for the sake of the tutorial. This thing has about four hundred polygon quads. It was built using the Skeleton, which was mirrored (save a few special joints) on the X-Axis and is facing down the Z-Axis. Y is up. Incidentally, the Mesh is also mirrored on the X-Axis.

My MeshSince it’s a character, the recommended budget (first person arms are ALWAYS an A-Type character (i.e. very important, often seen.) You generally want to go high. For these types of characters, CryTek recommends five to thirteen thousand, if my memory serves. Anyway it’s worth mentioning the default agent arm rig sits at about seven thousand polygon quads and tris.

Course, I could always smooth my mesh out (flawless quads, btw) and sculpt it. This would take it into the realm of A-Type character. It’d also be more work and outside of the realm of this tutorial. Anyway, when you have five fingers, and a set of arms up to just under the shoulder, you ought to be good. It really just needs to be a complete set of arms. Often character artists will spice the arms up, things like gloves, rings, clothing, and style can be used to give variety to your characters.

Some kind of UV Map would be in order. It’s a character after all, I would hate to see it go untextured. That said, there’s a few ways you can get a fast UV map out if you do not care about quality. I do, so I took my time. That said, I will not be texturing these arms yet. See that thing I mentioned earlier about sculpting them. Work outside of the scope of this tutorial.

Next Time: The Art of Rigging