FP_RIG Part IV – Profit

With a rigged mesh, and a skeleton – it’s time to get it into the engine. But how? Well, first we’ll have to export the character into a chr file, then we’ll need to copy the “default” (read: agent_fp_global) chrparam file. It is what points our rig to the animations and without it – things won’t ever look quite right. Then we’ll need to adjust the default player script and change which arms it’s pointing to.

FP_RIG Part III – ???

Ah, the Art of Rigging. Wow. I haven’t had to go this deep into rigging anything since college. It was quite refreshing actually, getting back into it. You however, are on your own here; as I’m sure you can find a nice tutorial or something on painting weights somewhere. I’m not about to walk you through the actual rigging process of a character – mostly because it’s generally the same process whether you’re rigging a foot or a finger, but also partially because it’s not really in the scope of this tutorial.

FP_RIG Part II – His Epidermis is Showing…

Now it’s time to build a mesh. I went simple for the sake of the tutorial. This thing has about four hundred polygon quads. It was built using the Skeleton, which was mirrored (save a few special joints) on the X-Axis and is facing down the Z-Axis. Y is up. Incidentally, the Mesh is also mirrored on the X-Axis.

My MeshMy MeshSince it’s a character, the recommended budget (first person arms are ALWAYS an A-Type character (i.e.