CryEngine AI Image 5

CryEngine AI Part I – Initial Map Setup

Step 1

Open the Editor, create new map. I named mine r1T_aiTest01, you can name yours whatever you’d like.  For size, set it to the minimum resolution (128×128), but leave the Meters Per Unit at default (2). (This is so the level loads fast.) Be careful, the editor likes to crash when creating maps. You may need to relaunch the Editor and possibly even repeat this step.

CryEngine AI Image 1

Step 2

Next we’ll open the Terrain Editor Dialog by hitting the Menu -> Terrain -> Edit Terrain.  Once inside the Terrain Editor, hit Modify -> Remove Water. And now Control + Shift + Double Click on the Landmass to teleport the camera to it. We now have a flat plane at x,y,0 which will be perfect for our testing purposes.

Step 3

But it needs a texture. If there’s going to be bullets flying around, the last thing we want to see is that silly default warning “No Surface Type! Assign Something To This!” So with the Terrain Editor Dialog still open (I never said to close it!) hit Tools -> Surface Texture. This opens the Terrain Texture Layer Dialog.

CryEngine AI Image 3

Now click the Material Link (should read Materials/material_terrain_default) and the Material Editor Dialog will open, already inside the Materials separator. (If not, click the + next to Materials) Now click the + next to terrain, select grass_5 (Whatever you want really, doesn’t matter. We simply need a surfaceType. And grass doesn’t shoot up impact particles.) Go back to the Terrain Texture Dialog and click Assign Material.

Still inside the Terrain Texture Dialog, click on the Link above the texture which reads “Change Layer Texture.” Find GREY.DDS, it should be in the same folder as the default texture. Close all the freaking Dialogs.

Step 4

CryEngine AI Image 2Big Ugly X on the map. Black spot on a side. But if you shoot it (or walk on it) no badly clipping decals happen. Incidentally, if you go to the Terrain Panel of the Rollup Bar (It looks a little like a block you’d expect a child to play with.)

CryEngine AI Image 4

You can then enter the Layer Painter and fix the texture. Just bump the Radius up to the maximum and click somewhere in the main Editor window.

Step 5

Return to Objects Panel of Rollup Bar. Select Entity, expand Multiplayer separator. Click and Drag a Spawn Point somewhere onto the map.

CryEngine AI Image 5

In Closing

Our map is set up. We have a fairly decent debug environment now. And let me tell you, I’ve built a lot of these. Next up, we’ll bring in an AI and get him reacting to the player. We’ll also touch on some of the many settings inside the AI entity, and what they do.