So What’s Next?

A fair question. Frankly, I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’m still working on characters, as you’ll see below. I’ve also got designs to write up another tutorial – this time on weaponry. Just as soon as I get around to figuring out how it’s done properly.

Been working a great deal on modular environments too. Have a set of about sixty pieces snap together to make decent looking buildings. If nothing else they’ll serve great as low-res pieces for the upper areas on high-rise buildings.

Lately I’ve been working with the AI in CryEngine 3. I’ve got them nicely seperated into Factions and shooting at each other. It’s a start – even if the plan involves AI Bots playing a Team Deathmatchy scenario. Anyway, have a look below:

Now I’m aware how awful Testguy looks. (That’s the grey-white one.) This is simply because he was rapidly developed to serve as proof of concept. It worked, btw; even if his vertex weights are completely borked. He’s not a production model, so I doubt anyone will ever see him again.

But back to the topic – What’s next? Well, long list: characters, guns, more environment models, textures, work… work.

EDIT: So I went ahead and compiled a writeup on how I did this.
Part I – Initial Map Setup
Part II – Your First AI Battle