So what is the Butcher’s Bill?

The Update

No surprise that CryTek updated, really. We were all told it was coming. I don’t know why I was so hasty to update my files, perhaps I was enthusiastic. (Although a quick read through their notes revealed… still no UI.) This patch seems mostly addressed to small teams (still in development, too) as the maps now save on a per-project basis, instead of a per-individual. Really doesn’t concern me, as the focus is still primarily developmental, and as of yet I still develop alone. I suppose it’ll matter when I go to test the game on a broader scale. Til then though… nope.

The Result

Anyway, the Butcher’s Bill as it were is this… a single day. I just spent the better part of the day addressing issues which cropped up due to the update. First and foremost, I could not get the new Exporter to work. So I derped up a copy of the old one and got to work on replacing it. Worked perfectly.

Also, seems my materials were having some issues after the export (from the new exporter) and getting reset to default. After my kludgy fix, I found this too was easy to repair. (Simply a matter of relinking the materials to their physics-counterparts.) Oh, and they still haven’t fixed that ToD bug I found. I should probably mention it on their forums, they finally set up a decent system to report issues with the editor. Anyway, at the end of the day… some variables got reset, I rebuilt my custom material, I got my character back to working order, I started reworking game files which got overwritten in the update. Learned a couple things too; one being to pay attention and the other being to override, not overwrite the game files.

Anyway, it’s all fixed. I need a break. Night folks.