Project Crippling troubles with CryEngine.


I know, a shock to me too. Believe me. Truthfully, I really like the engine. There’s just this fundamental problem, and it’s probably just me. I can’t seem to export animations from a first-person skeleton into the engine. Everything I’ve tried achieves nothing. It’s like a nightmare come true. Basically, I rig, I pose, I animate, and then when I go to Export – BLARGH, the program pukes up all over my screen and I have to crack out the Task Manager to finish the job. Long story short – I have few options, none of them pleasant.

What’s going to happen?

Nothing, yet. But, it seems if things do not change, then the project will be forced to use the UDK. For it’s faults, it’s not a bad engine. And it’s an offer that is certainly hard to refuse from a design perspective. Even if my design model, as of late, has been shifting more towards prototyping and less towards production. Still, they’re basically one and the same. Given enough polish…

Anyway, nothing is permanent or set in stone. (Who knows, I might still find a fix.) I just figured my readers would enjoy the brief heads-up. Until next time then.