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Anything relating to game design, but not any specific game’s design will go here. Basically, this is where I blurb about other studio’s design decisions. Or my least favorite game of the day.

Finally got off my bum and finished a game. It’s not RAGEformer. But it’s close.This basically got developed in a very short timeframe. Thought I would go ahead and share.

You can play AHH! Zombies! Run! on Kongregate or here on my webpage.

This can only mean good things for RAGEformer, btw.

AAH!! Zombies! Run!

Hey there fans. I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t gotten a chance to update. Sorry about that. Here’s what happened – I am now working as a Technical Director for an independent game studio.

This means a number of things:

  • I am officially announcing my return to CryEngine 3. (Woot.) I’ve been in and out of the FreeSDK for the past month or so and I’m glad for it.


Full Disclosure: Busy, Busy

Something I remember most about being a kid was video games. (Surprising, then, that I decided to pursue a career in game development.) I remember waking up, and immediately heading to the TV to play my favorite video games before I’d even rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. And when I bought my first Nintendo game. (Bomberman, for the curious.) I remember all of it quite fondly.

Something I Remember…

So long, CryEngine 3…

It’s done. I’m out. To elaborate: when they nixed support for my IDE, this forced me out of their community. Any plans I had made with the Engine have ultimately fell through. Any game concepts I was working on are on hold until further notice.

And Hello Stencyl

I’ve moved into Mobile Game Development. And since I haven’t the foggiest notion on where to start – to learn how to target mobile platforms – I’m using a game IDE by the name of Stencyl.

My Change in Heart