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So I was pleasantly surprised today when I set down to take care of my business. (Read: Yhey! I checked my website.)

Apparently I’m starting to make waves in the CryDev community. One of the members of this fledgling community, one Adam of cryengine3sdk.com has found my site and linked to my tutorials. I am understandably okay with this.

In fact, I’ve done the same – I added a link in my blogroll (currently located on the bottom leftmost part of the footer) to his page. You might check it out, seems the goal of his site is to serve as a sort of a repository of links. Pretty cool, if you happen to be searching for information.

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10 years ago

Yes that is correct! Glad to be partnered up! I have high expectations for my site and the only thing I want is to help new developers get the tutorials that are hard to find in a simple list. The dirty CryENGINE 3 secrets!