CryEngine 3 Multiplayer Works! 8

There’s been some buzz on the CryDev Forums. We’ve recently been working on discovering the nuances of TCP/UDP socketing and CryEngine’s server capabilities. Well, I’d like to say I take no credit for discovering this process, I simply documented it. I have also posted it here.

Full list of steps taken:

  • Export functional map to engine.
  • Open CryLauncher. Log in using credentials.
  • Console Command “map mapname s” (s is for server.)
  • Once map loaded. Open second CryLauncher. Use same credentials.
  • In new CryLauncher window, enter console command “connect” (This is your localhost as defined in your hosts file. It could be any IP address which is currently receiving.)
  • CryLauncher hoses, loads slow, but eventually loads.
  • You can alt-tab between windows and effect change.

(Note: italic text represents a placeholder. You may need to adjust the values. (HINT: Replace mapname with forest.))


you may refer to this topic in the crydev forums:

But it didn’t solve my problem.


the Cryengine 3 multiplayer really works!!!!

But I’ve got a problem. When the server player shoots to the client player It can’t kill it, although if the client player attacks the server it kills the server player.


haha cool man! well lets look forward to good traffic and some new updates hopefully next year with CryENGINE 3!


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