Happy New Year 2012!

So I haven’t really updated lately. I’ve been pretty busy. First with the Holidays, and now with the flu. Sick as a dog right now… work is probably the last thing on my mind. In fact most of my day is spent wondering what movie I was last watching, and how far in I was when I fell asleep. And then of course, figuring out what movie I will start watching. Hanging in there though, I’ll survive. I’ll bounce back.

Oh, good news. Had another great game idea dawn on me the other day. Best part is the concept is nice and short, and shouldn’t take very long to put together. I might just switch over to it full time, and get back to “Tophat” when I actually have the funding for such a project. (Read: Even stripped of story, Tophat is still a very ambitious project.) Haven’t yet decided. The new idea is still in its’ infancy, after all. More on it later.

Back to my chicken noodle soup. Hope you all had some happy Holidays! I sure did, except for this stupid flu.