So What’s the Hold-up?

Tophat is Ambitious

And that’s kind of the problem. The scope of the project is pretty vast. Especially when I consider the kind of growth this sort of project is expected to go through. In short, the concept is a multiplayer first-person shooter being designed from the ground up to incorporate free-to-play elements. Obviously, the project calls for a commercial version of CryEngine. (no haz… yet.) But that will not deter me from prototyping and making something I can show to CryTek.

Or… There’s Lawn Gnomes.

A while back, I was on the can and I had a great idea. It’s so tongue-in-cheeky and self-aware it hurts. It lampoons everything I love. Frankly, it’s the kind of game I’ve always wanted to make. And play. Oh, and it’s single-player and significantly shorter than the aforementioned Project “Tophat.” Basically, it’d be out a LOT sooner. It would also probably feel a lot more “indie.”

And I’m Conflicted

Now, the obvious answer is “make both.” Thus the conflict, I’m now working on two concepts at the same time. On top of still nailing down the final concept of “Tophat”, I’m now writing up a brand new game concept. Fun times for me. Yes, that’s right… I still haven’t even STARTED prototyping yet.

On Another Note

I’ve got a really sweet set up for Design Documentation. I’m using a wiki on an Apache intranet server. That’s all I’ll say for now, other than the framework is sweet – and extendable. And beats the snot out of a word processor and a bunch of directories. Oh, right… Props out to DokuWiki. Using it on for my intranet, and loving it.

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10 years ago

Hey man just stopping by and seeing whats up! Your game sounds awesome and I love how your documenting it using a wiki great idea man! Anyway, I wanted to tell you thank you for your support at the beginning. is now in the top 3-4 spots and the top spot on multiple keywords. Just search ‘cryengine 3 tutorial’ and youll see what I mean. I just updated the theme and added a more community based plugins to grow the community. Twitter followers are in the hundreds now and unique visits are up 580% since the new theme change. Anyway if you need help with your game let me know, Also I wanted to create a cryengine 3 indie game review section on my website which i would love to have your game featured in. Email me lets catch up on community stuff. Peace.