Hey Guys!

Been a while since I’ve done anything with the internet at all. I figure the release of the CryEngine 3 is a good of time as any to bring myself back onto the web.

So what’s happened? Well, the old website (which was on blogspot) isn’t going to be updated anymore. Not that it has been in quite some time. I’ve been busy though, rest assured. I do have some bad news though, the project known as “Jarhead” is being shelved for now. It was actually suffering a bit of development hell. I wont get into it, but I was having some real problems finding good inspiration for the game.

Henceforth – I’ll be working on one special project, the super secret Project “Tophat.” I can’t say much. Only that I’ve been planning for it for the past several months, and working on it nonstop since I got my hands on the CDK. (That’s the CryEngine 3 SDK for the uninformed masses.)  And trying to remember to regularly update this site. Nothing against Google, but I’d always had issues with Blogger. Damn thing drove me nuts.

So the format has changed, the project has changed. I should mention Jarhead is just shelved, it’s not a dead project. Just going to put my focus elsewhere for the time being. Namely Tophat.

Anyway, welcome to the new site. I hope you enjoy things to come!