Maya and the CryEngine 3 Development Kit

The CryEngine 3 Development Kit, it’s fun stuff. I’ve been playing with it a lot lately, and I’ve been watching the community form around it. There seems to be a bit of a call for experienced Maya users and their take on the CDK.  I happen to know of such things – and have recently decided I would try to help. So I’m going to be taking on a tutorial for the CDK, of sorts. It’s really just going to be a write-up of the process I took to get my first-person arms into the Cry Dev Kit. I hope to be able to include all relevant research so enabling anyone reading this tutorial to be able to reverse engineer my work.

Set of custom arms in CDK, using default animation.
Same wimpy shove, brand new model!

Table of Contents:
Part I – Dem Bones
Part II – His Epidermis is Showing!
Part III – ???
Part IV – Profit
Part V – Problem?

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