So What’s the Hold-up?

Tophat is Ambitious

And that’s kind of the problem. The scope of the project is pretty vast. Especially when I consider the kind of growth this sort of project is expected to go through. In short, the concept is a multiplayer first-person shooter being designed from the ground up to incorporate free-to-play elements. Obviously, the project calls for a commercial version of CryEngine.

BOOYEA! I fixed it!

It’s official. The troubles I was having with the engine are over. As of today (and I have spent the last two weeks working on this) I can get first person animations into CryEngine 3.

This is extremely important, both for my project and for the Cry-Community. With the problem solved, and after I get a few more things tested.. I’m going to begin work on a melee weapon tutorial for CryEngine.

Project Crippling troubles with CryEngine.


I know, a shock to me too. Believe me. Truthfully, I really like the engine. There’s just this fundamental problem, and it’s probably just me. I can’t seem to export animations from a first-person skeleton into the engine. Everything I’ve tried achieves nothing. It’s like a nightmare come true. Basically, I rig, I pose, I animate, and then when I go to Export – BLARGH, the program pukes up all over my screen and I have to crack out the Task Manager to finish the job.