Something I Remember…

Something I remember most about being a kid was video games. (Surprising, then, that I decided to pursue a career in game development.) I remember waking up, and immediately heading to the TV to play my favorite video games before I’d even rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. And when I bought my first Nintendo game. (Bomberman, for the curious.) I remember all of it quite fondly. But my favorite part? It is probably the difficulty. For me, that era of gaming was best defined by my behavior during it. As a young boy, I was rather known for smashing controllers against the floor when playing Super Mario Brothers 3. A game that I love to this day, and am still unsure if I ever beat. Which, I think, was one of the key elements which fundamentally defined those platformers of yesteryear. The game was perfectly fun regardless of whether or not the player could finish it. But finishing it felt like a badge of honor.

Oh, right, I mentioned in my last post, I had switched gears and was working on a new game. I said a few things about it, that it was a platformer, designed to be hard, and wasn’t quite finished. Well, I figured I would come out and make this post – to go ahead and announce that Project “RAGEformer” is officially in Closed Beta. (Read: Beta. Sincerely doubt if there will be an “open” beta. I’m simply too low profile.) The game can be completed, all of the levels are finished. Some of the art still needs work, and I have to re-record all of the sound effects. (Some are just terribad.) But the game is basically done.

Also, here are some release specifications:

  • Engine: Stencyl 2.0
  • Currently targeted platforms: iOS, PC, Mac
  • Potential other platforms: Android, Web (Flash)
  • Genre: Platformer, with Kaizo Twists
  • Title: T.B.A. (Currently still calling it “Project RAGEformer.”)

Originally, I had wanted to include a screenshot with the last post. The placeholder art still in use nearly kept me from including one on THIS post. However, I decided I would go ahead and release a screenshot of one of the last levels. Please just remember, much of the art is subject to change. (And given the limited number of assets on display, I believe that says a lot.)

Had I mentioned it was artistically simple? I started off hating it. But I find the style grew on me rapidly. Of course, as the designer, my opinion honestly means very little. Feel free to speak up in the comments below – I’d love to hear what some others think.