My Change in Heart

So long, CryEngine 3…

It’s done. I’m out. To elaborate: when they nixed support for my IDE, this forced me out of their community. Any plans I had made with the Engine have ultimately fell through. Any game concepts I was working on are on hold until further notice.

And Hello Stencyl

I’ve moved into Mobile Game Development. And since I haven’t the foggiest notion on where to start – to learn how to target mobile platforms – I’m using a game IDE by the name of Stencyl. It’s an interesting take on game development, to say the least. Has a few problems which I will not get into, but it will do just fine to get me started.


Somehow, the mobile platform does not seem ready for the free to play multiplayer first person shooter genre quite yet. And I don’t really think that Stencyl would be entirely capable. As such I’ve conceived something new. Involving a dog, a boy, and the undead. And if the working title was not a dead giveaway, I’d also like to add that it involves platforms. And that it was very much inspired by the Nintendo Hard platformers of yore. (And I’ve been playing them again, recently. Good times.)

It’s still very much in alpha, as there’s a few stages left to complete – and I’ve still got to write up some sort of AI for the final boss… but the primary game is finished. I’m still using a metric ton of placeholder art, as well. Hence the term alpha. (By the way, to the industry, the difference between Alpha and Beta is completion. An alpha is something playable. A beta is unpolished, but basically finished.)

*This is the working title. Probably says more about the game than the actual title… which is basically Word Salad. Go figure.