Making Trailers is Hard!

So I’ve about finished off my first game.. Project “RAGEformer,” which I’ve been referring to lately as “PT” is very near completion. It ultimately comes off as a Mario clone, and that is basically intended. (Originally, I’d wanted to do something more in the scope of a Metrodvania; but time constraints along with a strong drive to actually finish a project led to a compromise in scope.) But it’s nearly complete. By nearly complete, I basically just need to rerecord the sound effects at this point. I’ve been naughty; procrastinating… read on.

Incidentally, I’ve already started on my second project. It’s procedurally generated arcade game. Hence the prototype being so quickly completed. It’s also fairly simple. It’s a bit of an amalgam of Pac-Man and Frogger, but with some fairly interesting twists. I happen to think it’s great fun. Anyway, it’s still a ways from being complete and I won’t say any more yet.

So tune back in here soon, when I get the trailer for “PT” finished I’ll be posting again.

Oh, and please – I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you play these games? Would you pay for them? Do they even sound fun? Sound off in the comments below.