Full Disclosure: Busy, Busy

Hey there fans. I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t gotten a chance to update. Sorry about that. Here’s what happened – I am now working as a Technical Director for an independent game studio.

This means a number of things:

  • I am officially announcing my return to CryEngine 3. (Woot.) I’ve been in and out of the FreeSDK for the past month or so and I’m glad for it. And, if I find anything super cool and tutorial worthy – it might just pop up under my CryEngine tutorials. I’m back, as it were.
  • The project known as RAGEformer has been postponed slightly – but I assure you that it’s not been forgotten. You can probably expect to see it pop up on Kongregate here shortly. (If I were to estimate a “release date” I’d say it could be 100% finished by January. But that’s not concrete.) It needs just a couple of finishing touches and then I will export it to Flash. The iOS port however, has been postponed indefinitely.
  • That second mobile project which I mentioned in my immediately previous post has been put on hold indefinitely. It’s a great game idea, and the Prototype was basically finished; but I simply do not have the time to commit to it at this juncture. I will let you all know if things change in any way though. It was a very exciting project and I felt it added a lot of nice twists to the genres which it resembled.
  • Oh, right and I’m super busy with this new project – so I’m sorry if things get quiet! I assure you I will be updating. Hopefully one of these so called “updates” will include some information about the project I’m now involved in. But no promises.

So yea – now you know. *cue the cheesy fanfare* And knowing is half the battle. But no seriously – I figured I’d go ahead and pay my recurring visitors the respect of an explanation to all the silence. Kind of my way of showing appreciation for you guys. Not out, still here – just back with CryEngine. (One more woot. Probably one from you guys too – because it’s likely that CryEngine brought you in the first place. Amirite?)