Making Trailers is Hard!

So I’ve about finished off my first game.. Project “RAGEformer,” which I’ve been referring to lately as “PT” is very near completion. It ultimately comes off as a Mario clone, and that is basically intended. (Originally, I’d wanted to do something more in the scope of a Metrodvania; but time constraints along with a strong drive to actually finish a project led to a compromise in scope.)

My Change in Heart

So long, CryEngine 3…

It’s done. I’m out. To elaborate: when they nixed support for my IDE, this forced me out of their community. Any plans I had made with the Engine have ultimately fell through. Any game concepts I was working on are on hold until further notice.

And Hello Stencyl

I’ve moved into Mobile Game Development. And since I haven’t the foggiest notion on where to start – to learn how to target mobile platforms – I’m using a game IDE by the name of Stencyl.

BOOYEA! I fixed it!

It’s official. The troubles I was having with the engine are over. As of today (and I have spent the last two weeks working on this) I can get first person animations into CryEngine 3.

This is extremely important, both for my project and for the Cry-Community. With the problem solved, and after I get a few more things tested.. I’m going to begin work on a melee weapon tutorial for CryEngine.

Project Crippling troubles with CryEngine.


I know, a shock to me too. Believe me. Truthfully, I really like the engine. There’s just this fundamental problem, and it’s probably just me. I can’t seem to export animations from a first-person skeleton into the engine. Everything I’ve tried achieves nothing. It’s like a nightmare come true. Basically, I rig, I pose, I animate, and then when I go to Export – BLARGH, the program pukes up all over my screen and I have to crack out the Task Manager to finish the job.